What Is A Twitter Chat?

Have you heard of Twitter chats?

Some of you may have, while others of you may be new to it.

Twitter chats are a really awesome way to get to know other people in different niches and creative groups.

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A Twitter Chat? What Is That?

A Twitter chat is basically like a party held around a topic or even a group of people. If you think of the Twitter chat as a party then the hashtag is the doorway to that awesome party.

A #TwitterChat is basically like a party held around a topic. via @DPcreativemedia

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Every Twitter chat is held at a unique hashtag. If you take part in a Twitter chat make sure that you remember to use that hashtag.

Where Can I Find These Twitter Chats?

There are many great places to look for Twitter chats.

1. Look on Twitter. Search hashtags that you follow.

2. You can also find out about different Twitter chats at:

  • Twubs
  • This awesome Google Doc that someone really awesome put together
  • Chat Diary
  • Twitter chat schedule

Get on those sites and check out if there are any creative Twitter chats that will be up your ally. You just might make a friend or two. And that’s always a great thing to have in the creative niche, especially since most of what we create is made in the safe abode of our office or studio.

How To Take Part In A Twitter Chat

1. Check out the time and schedule.

2. Show up.

3. Housekeeping: Be kind. Have fun. And use the hashtag.

4. In order to keep track of all the comments use Tweetchat.

What Can I Expect:

There are a few different kinds of Twitter chats. Ones that are more moderated, while there are others that are lightly moderated.

In some Twitter chats, you’ll see something like “Q1: Insert question one here.” All you have to do is write a Tweet in the response, labeled with A and then whatever question number it is answering. So in the upper situation it would be “A1” And of course, remember the hashtag so people will see your responses.

Twitter Chats Are Great For Marketing And For Creating Relationships

1. Think of answers that add to the conversations.

It really helps build relationships when you add quality comments to people’s posts and…

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2. Check out other Twitter chatter’s posts and Twitter accounts. Like them. And comment on their Tweets.

3. You learn tons from Twitter chats. You’ll meet fun people who know things you don’t already know. Think of it as free schooling. Who doesn’t love free schooling, especially when it has to do with something you are interested in.

Ever Thought Of Hosting A Twitter Chat?

1. Hashtag. Pick out your hashtag. Make it fun and unique. Also make sure that it isn’t already being used.

2. Schedule it. Look at your calendar and set it.

3. Create material and content to let people know about it. Use Photoshop or Canva.

4. Share the content you’ve written up about it. Send emails out to your followers with the information as well. Start getting the word out earlier. Earlier the better. Start with something like 4-5 weeks before your Twitter Chat.

Schedule your Twitter chat out at least 4-5 weeks before the actual day! #Twitter #blogging

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5. Plan for it. Write up a page of questions. Start with about 10-12 questions that have to do with your topics.

6. Make sure your questions are under 140 characters. This will make it easier for people to see your whole Tweet and also Retweet. Try to stay in the green or yellow with your character number.

7. Have fun!

8. Make use of your free programs and sites. Tweetchat.com is a perfect place to keep track of everything under your hashtag.

9. Show up early. Send messages as to when you’ll be starting.

“15 minutes till we start. #YourHashtagGoesHere” and “5 minutes till we begin the fun. #YourHashtagGoesHere”

10: Share Your housekeeping rules.

Come join the fun at the creativity boosting club!
Come join the fun at the creativity boosting club!

Go Get Involved In A Twitter Chat

You now know what a Twitter chat is, where to find them, and how to take part. You also know what you can expect. I’ve also included some helpful tips on how to start your own Twitter chat.

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