THE #InstAmazing LAUNCH IS ON!!!!

For-web---logoGUESS WHAT?

1. We are giving away $150 worth of Instagram information for FREE! Want the Instagram course? Sign up for our newsletter and you will get it sent to you.

2. Would you be interested in winning any of these:

  • Two separate 1 hour blog coaching sessions
  • Three individual Instagram Bio Write Ups
  • One full Insta Amazing Course (PDF) Version when it comes out

3. If you are interested in winning any of the above. Check out the rules and blog posts below. The contest will be running from 6am – Midnight on April 2nd. Make sure you get involved. You may just win something awesome!

In order to enter the contest you MUST do the following.

(THIS IS THE OFFICIAL POINT BLOG POST… when you get points make sure you leave a comment telling us where so you get your points!)

  1. Subscribe to our Newsletter to get the Are You Insta Amazing course for FREE. It will be sent out to you daily for the next two weeks. (6 points)
    -Comment on this page to let us know you subscribed.
  2. Comment on blog hop post of the day. (4 points)
    – You can wrack up more points by commenting on each launch blog hop post that publishes during the launch. (See above schedule)
  3. Follow @DPCreativeMedia on Twitter. (2 points) 
    -When you’ve followed us on Twitter leave us a comment here with your Twitter Username.
  4. Like us on Facebook. (2 points)
    -Once you’ve liked us leave us a comment on this blog post with your Facebook url.
  5. Share this image and our url anywhere on social media. (4 points) 
    Url: (You may share this as many times as you like, but if you do, please remember to tally your points here on this blog post and tell us where you shared so we can count your points. Use this #InstAmazingLaunch when you share.
    Here is the picture you can share: 
    Insta Amazing FB pic
  6. And number five, have fun! I will be adding up the points and

No cheating on votes. If you do, you will be disqualified.

Blog Posts From Blog Hop: 

March 27th: 6 Reasons Why Writers Should Be On Instagram

March 28th: The Importance of Capturing Life Through The Lens

March 29th: Instagram DIY – Make Sure You DIY

March 30th: 5 Ideas You Can Steal From Instagram

March 31st: 5 Instagram Facts That Will Make Your Business Sparkle & Shine (Importance of using Instagram in your business)

April 1st: There will be two posts today!

Post 1: What Your Readers Wish You Knew About Instagram

Post 2: LAUNCH DATE Post HERE!!!!!

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THE #InstAmazing LAUNCH IS ON!!!!”

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