Relaxation Techniques For Creatives

Do you feel like you aren’t moving enough? Or maybe you feel unbalanced in your life, work, and creations.

I know I have that feeling once in awhile. I’ve been really focusing on trying to be healthier lately. And mindfulness, healthfulness, and relaxation all intertwine when it comes to being happier and healthier.

So I thought I’d pull together some workout, yoga, breathing, and relaxation techniques to help you feel more balanced throughout your days and nights.

Want to implement relaxation techniques into your creative lifestyle?

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Yoga & Stretches For Throughout Your Days

1. Give your fingers a break.

If you are like me, you might spend a lot of time at the keyboard typing. Do your fingers get sore? I know mine have. Here’s a simple exercise to loosen up those fingers.

2. Stretch out your wrists.

Your wrists can get sore easily during the day. This feels amazing!

3. Refresh your posture and breath at work.

Do you ever feel like you are turning into the Hunchback of Notredame when at work? Here are some helpful stretches that you can do from the comfort of your very own office.

4. Feeling stressed?

This stretching sequence is perfect for those moments that you feel stress sneaking up on you from all corners. During a lunch break go lay a blanket out in the part and stretch it out. These relaxation techniques will solve the stress issue.

5. Stretch at your desk.

These are amazing feeling stretches that are a must if you are sitting a lot throughout the day.

6. Feel like you need to awaken your creativity?

Here are a couple of good breathing exercises to help you become more creative.

7. Bedtime yoga.

It’s always good to stretch it out before bed and after you wake up in the morning.

8. Morning yoga.

Get stretched out so you don’t get stiff throughout the day.

9. Get rid of tension by rolling it out.

The foam roller is amazing. It’s almost like having your own personal back masseuse, which is awesome right? I always try to foam roll my neck and back in the morning and at night. The actual foam roller exercise starts at 2:17.

Mindfulness Practices To Relax Your Mind And Help You Get More Creative

In order to create awesome things, we need to be able to relax and recharge our minds so we can continue to create and work at the speed that we currently are.

I’ve collected some awesome sites that have some calming music and meditation noises below, just for you.

A note about music: Can you work with music that has lyrics? I really can’t, so I focus on instrumental soundtracks, classical music, and nature sounds. And while at work sometimes I need to just tune out everything so that I can listen to my mind. Our world is so busy and loud that sometimes you forget to listen to—yourself.

Our world is so busy and loud that sometimes you forget to listen to yourself.

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Marie Forleo’s Meditation Practice – Make sure you download her mp3. It’s very relaxing.

Calm – This has a variety of nature sounds that you can listen to.


If you don’t take care of yourself, life won’t be as easy. That means physically and mentally. Give yourself some self-love. You deserve it.

If you like these ideas, check out Creating A Fit Life, by Devin Berglund. It’s a great book on creative healthy living. You only have one life, so make sure you live the one you’ve always wanted to.

You only have one life, so make sure you live the one you’ve always wanted to.

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