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We know it can be difficult to find awesome photography for your blog when you are super busy. Sometimes it feels like taking photos is just another thing to do when you already have little time in a day to get everything else done that needs to be finished. To help you with that we’ve come up with 2 months worth of photography project ideas and prompts.

Photography Project Ideas woods

Being a busy creative can be hard, but in order to get everything done it comes down to planning your time out well.

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It’s good to challenge yourself with photography project ideas when it comes to creativity so you’ll get more ideas and other awesome things to create and share online.

How To Schedule Your Creative Time Well

  1. Track your time. Where do you spend it most? Write down everything you do during the day and how long it takes you to do said projects.
  2. Where could you cut back? (Example: Are you watching tv every night after work? Could you give up tv on certain nights or until a certain project is done?)
  3. Figure out where you can cut back and act on it!

For example, with photography… you could bring your camera or iphone with you during a walking break at work. At lunch get up and grab your camera.

When out on your walk, take pictures.

By the end of the next three months, if you take the minimum of 1 photo a day, you will have 92 photos. Imagine that?! Wouldn’t that be awesome. You could use those images on your blog and social media platforms.

Are you in for this challenge?

If so, here is this month’s challenge. Get the FULL 3-month photography project ideas challenge here. It’s a beautiful version that you’ll be able to bring along with you on your photo journey throughout the next few months. If you haven’t signed up for the club by giving us your email, you can do that here.

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Climbing Tafelberg (Table Mountain, Cape Town)

Your 3 Month Photography Project Ideas Challenge

Now, remember these are just prompts of a sort to get you thinking creatively. If inspiration pulls you in another direction follow it. And also, the more you get out to take photos the more inspired you’ll feel.

Month 1

  1. Quiet 
  2. Small 
  3. Simplicity 
  4. Day In The Life Of 
  5. Your Campaign 
  6. Rush Hour 
  7. Coolness 
  8. Spring Is Coming 
  9. The Buzz Of A Coffee Shop 
  10. Winter’s Warmth 
  11. Time 
  12. Hipster 
  13. Be Still  
  14. Olden Days 
  15. Hidden 
  16. Type 
  17. Trust 
  18. Meeting  
  19. Amid 
  20. My Life  
  21. Rustic 
  22. Written Words 
  23. Create Something New 
  24. Habit  
  25. Retro  
  26. Favorite Words 
  27. Unseen 
  28. Workflow 
  29. Focus 
  30. Arrival 
  31. New Life  

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You’ve got this. You are going to produce plenty of awesome photos in the next 3 months.

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