Dancing Poet Creative Media

 I want to introduce you to, Dancing Poet Creative Media, which is a committed & creative company striving to fill people’s lives and businesses with creative social and print media, photography, and design.


I am so excited to bring this all to you. Dancing Poet Creative Media started as an idea and blossomed into a great venture. There are countless projects that I am working on for you.

Where’d the Dancing Poet Creative Media, name come from?

When I was 13, I found out what my name meant.

It meant, Poet.

That moment helped define my life. I had loved writing long before, but when I saw what my name meant, I just knew it was true. That is the exact feeling that I want you to have in your life, business, and in your platform. I want you to know who you are.

I hope Dancing Poet Creative Media dances into your life spreading creative joy and simplicity like it has for me.


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