How To Stay Creative While Traveling

Are you going on a road-trip anytime soon? Ever struggle to stay creative while traveling?

how to stay inspired while traveling

I just got back from a nice sized road trip for my honeymoon. We traveled to Medora, ND to The Black Hills, SD, and then over to Glacier, Montana. It was wondrous and was truly a inspiring and relaxing trip. Since I just came off of planning a wedding (which had some stressful moments).

I know that other trips can be a bit more stressful. Maybe you travel for work, or have a deadline to be somewhere by a certain time. Or maybe you are just getting sick of driving so much.

If so, use these ideas to spark your creativity and inspiration while you are on the road.

1. Keep A Journal Of Your Travels

I still remember when I was little, my mom encouraged us to keep a travel journal whenever we traveled to new places.

This is something that has followed me through the years.

I love writing about the places I go, the people I meet, and the cultures I experience.

When you write these things down it’s so much easier to remember the small details. In years from now you’ll look back at the pages and be thrown right back there to experience everything again.

Here are some things to write about:

  1. Where are you going?
  2. What will you be getting up to there?
  3. Is there something different about the culture there? Something I’m not used to?
  4. Do they speak differently there?
  5. What scenic views are you seeing?
  6. What creative projects are you currently working on? Write out your ideas in your journal. Maybe you could even write a book from your journal.
  7. What are you currently reading? Journal your thoughts about it.
  8. Sick of driving? Stop someplace and go for a walk. Take it all in and then journal about it.

2. Pack A Go To Bag.

Have this bag on hand. Fill it with everything you need for an inspiring trip.

Pack these things:

  1. Keep healthy snacks on hand. (Think nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit like apples, oranges, and bananas.) Sometimes your mind just needs some brain food. Want fresh food from where ever you are? Shop at farmer’s markets. Here is ann app that covers this.
  2. Water bottle that is refillable. Hydrate. Carry a re-fillable water bottle with you. mention CAFL.
  3. Pedometer to track your steps. Just because you are in the car doesn’t mean you don’t have to get up and move.
  4. Journal and pens that you love.
  5. Art paper, colored pencils, and other art supplies that you’d like to have with you.
  6. A good inspiring book.
  7. Don’t forget your pillow. The toughest thing to get during travels is some good honest sleep.
  8. Yoga mat.
  9. Your camera.
  10. Ipad or computer.
  11. Tennis shoes

3. Things To Inspire You During Your Travels

Driving through interesting places? Or not so interesting places? There is always a way to get inspired when traveling anywhere.

Here are some inspiring things to do:

  1. Collect something. My sister collects flags from the different countries she goes to. Maybe you want to collect state or country flags? Or a charm?
  2. Capture bark rubbings. Are there different patterns that you like? Take some paper out with some colored pencils and do a rubbing of it.
  3. Near an old cemetery? This is a good time to take a walk. Headstones always have such inspiring sayings and quotes on them. Get stone rubbings of those. As a writer, I love collecting names to use for my characters.
  4. Press flowers that you see in your journal
  5. Before you leave for your trip cut out cardstock paper the size of postcards. Then every day inspire yourself to create something new on the postcard sized art pieces to send to someone. One day write a poem. Another day draw the mountains or paint the clouds. Use this as a way to inspire yourself. Share it on social.

4. Some Things That Will Keep You Inspired Throughout The Day

There are a few things that you can do throughout the day to make your days and travels better.

Here are a few of them:

1. Actually, use the hotel gyms.

You’d be amazed but, the hotel gym rooms are usually quite quiet and not overly busy. If everyone exercised everyday it would be a different story.

Commit to working out for at least 30 mins.

To rack up your miles go for a walk during the day. Take your camera with you when you stop in a town. Stretch your feet and mind. If you do, track your mileage or steps with an app like mapmyrun or the Health app, or Fitbit. (I love my Fitbit!)

2. Pack your yoga mat. You’ll be able to fit in some stretching and calisthenics in your hotel room or even in a park.

3. Cut back on your internet and phone time. Soak into your surroundings and the people around you instead. Write everything down.

4. Eat healthier options. If you know where you are going to be. look up the healthier food and restaurant options in the areas that you are going to be at. Then look those up on MyFitnessPal and find the healthier options.

Are You Ready To Stay Inspired And Creative While Traveling?

You have everything it takes to stay creative, it just comes down to planning what to pack before you actually leave on your trip.

And most importantly, enjoy your travels.

For more inspiring tips and steps to staying creative on the road check out our book “Creating A Fit Life”!

Are You Ready To Stay Inspired And Creative While Traveling?

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