How To Have A Creative Retreat

Ever feel like you need to recharge and get inspired again?

Maybe you need to set up a creativity retreat for yourself. I am going to share some ways that you can create your very own retreat.

It’s important to schedule this time in so you can get re-invigorated and inspired again. After daily life, it can be difficult to get energy and excitement to work on your own projects, especially if you work a full-time job that sucks a lot of energy from you.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

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Remember how easy it was to be carefree as a child? You’d color for hours or play with playdough all Saturday afternoon! Maybe you even played imaginary sword fights with sticks. Remember all of that fun?

Remember the creativity and imagination you had as a child? Want to tap into that same #creativity…

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As children, it was easier than ever to get excited and charged up about projects.

That is something that we lose as adults sometimes. We forget to exercise our creativity muscles in daily life, even if we try.

Whether you are a painter, photographer, writer, or another form of artist follow these steps to set up a special time for yourself—a creative retreat! You’ll be able to reach out and grasp that child-like creativity that was always at your fingertips as a child.

How To Set Up A Creative Retreat For Yourself

1. Look At Your Planner.

When will you be able to commit your time completely and fully to being creative?

Take a look at your planner and figure out if you want to do it for a weekend. Or do you have some vacation time that you could schedule out for your retreat time?

If so, schedule it out. And look forward to it. Tell people about it too! Amp yourself up!

2. Figure Out The Place.

Where do you want to have your retreat?

Think about whether that should be at home? Or could you get away and go to a cabin in the woods or in the mountains?

3. What Are You Going To Work On

Have a clear idea of a project that you’d like to get further on. But also plan for some other buffer projects.

Pick out some artsy things that you’ve always wanted to try. Keep reading for some ideas on what you could do.

4. If You Are Having A Retreat During The Work Week

You might have to give something up. (Are you a tv show junky? Or do you waste a ton of time on the internet or on social media? Give something up and use that time for something else. Be productive and sit down to write that new blog post. Finish that chapter of your book. Get that painting finished. Go to bed earlier so you’ll be able to wake up earlier.

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5. Use The Creative Retreat To Inspire You In Many New Ways

Maybe you are a writer.

Have you ever thought of trying to paint or draw? Pick up a new creative project to free up space in your mind. Sometimes learning something new helps you get unstuck in other areas of your creative life.

Some different things you could try:

  • Painting.
  • Handlettering.
  • Flower pressing.
  • Foraging plants in the wilderness.
  • Playing an instrument.
  • Drawing.
  • Crocheting.
  • Writing.
  • Photography,
  • Flower arrangments.
  • Jewelry making.
  • Tile creations.
  • Paper art.
  • Decopauge.

Pro Tip: Find creative things in nature that you can use to create something beautiful. For example, can you use those stove pipes in a piece of art. Be on the look out for things that you might be able to use in nature.

Things To Make Your Creative Retreat Special

  • Swim suit. Lay out in the sun and breathe. Be in the moment. Remember your sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.
  • A book you want to read. You could even bring a bunch of books that you’d like to read.
  • Candles. They always add to the atmosphere, don’t they?
  • Essential oils. I am new to essential oils but really love them. Lavender is great for relaxation and naps.
  • Notebooks, pens, sticky notes, colored markers, paint, canvases, craft paper, photos, glue, be-dazzling items like sequins and sparkles.
  • Music. Before going on your creative retreat, set up a musical playlist that you can listen to and just relax. I love movie orchestra scores and classical music.
  • Prompts. Sometimes all you need is a list of prompts to get yourself started. You could even write out a bunch of words or have your family and friends give you 5-10 words each and then write them down. When you need inspiration draw a word.
  • Healthy snacks. Get some fruit and nuts sectioned off into portion sized bags.
  • Comfortable clothes. There is nothing worse than uncomfortable clothes when you are trying to get creative. Wear something that makes you feel good!
  • Water. Drink enough water daily to cleanse your body and mind.
  • Make your creative retreat technology free. But of course, keep your camera near. You never know when something gorgeous will inspire you and you might need to remember what it looked like.
  • Yoga mat. Use your creative retreat to get in touch with your body again.
  • Your favorite tea. I love having nighty night tea. Really helps me sleep.
Click the image to join our Creativity Boosting Club. We will send you the password!
Click the image to join our Creativity Boosting Club. We will send you the password!

Your Creative Retreat Sample Day

There are many ways that you can plan out your creative retreat. You can do a number of different activities and plan your retreat for varied amounts of time. Some people only have them for a day, a couple days, a week, or even a few weeks. Sometimes all you need is a relaxing break from your ordinary life.

Sample day:

Morning: Eat breakfast. Take a bath. Do some breathing exercises and yoga. Make some tea.

Noon: Eat a light meal. Go for a walk in the woods. Read. Journal some. Draw out on the porch while listening to the birds singing, with a glass of chilled lemon water.

Afternoon: Read. Listen to music. Take another walk. Paint on a canvas.

Evening: Eat supper. Read some more. Work on your creative projects some. Get to bed earlier.

What are you going to do for your next #creative retreat? #creativity

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What are you going to do for your next creative retreat?

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