30-Day Social Media Blast Class

© Devin Berglund, Dancing Poet Creative Media
© Devin Berglund, Dancing Poet Creative Media

Are you sick of…

• feeling discouraged when it comes to social media? Like your platform or brand will never be discovered?
• the possibility of never getting more than a few hundred likes?
• feeling like no one cares about what you have to offer the world? 

Do you want to…

• reach a larger audience with your social media network?
• be excited about a growing platform?
• make more money, if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner?


1. You will get more followers on social media and you’ll be excited once you see the numbers grow.

2. You’ll feel social media has been made fresh, fun, and exciting again.

© Devin Berglund, Dancing Poet Creative Media
© Johan Joubert

How Do I Get This 30-Day Social Media Blast Class?

All you have to do, to enroll into this class is opt in for the Dancing Poet Creative Media newsletter and you will get emails with the daily lesson and challenges for 30-days.

You will get the special 30-Day Social Media Blast Class for FREE. This information would usually be $500 worth of information. But, I am giving it away for free when you subscribe to my newsletter.

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Be sure to add dancingpoetcreates(at)outlook(dot)com as a contact so you get your lessons sent to your email inbox. The 30-Day Social Media Blast Class will be launched on February 1st. You will be the first to know about it and it will be sent to your email.

I created this program after implementing these same lessons and challenges to my own social media platform, which in turn made my social media following grow more each month.

© Annette Berglund
© Annette Berglund

What You Get:

You will get a daily lesson and challenge sent to you every day via email. The lesson and challenge will help you grow your social media platform.

There are four parts in this course, which will focus on growing your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

A Run Down of the Table of Contents

Day 1 - You will be introduced to a few different social media plans and then you’ll set goals and a plan of action for the next 30 days of social media follower building.  


Day 2 - Will be shown how Instagram can add flair and originality to your brand. You will get a daily actionable challenge that will get you started to being Instagram-ally awesome.

Day 3 - Today’s lesson you will learn the craft of writing A STAND OUT BIO along with an actionable daily challenge.

Day 4 - Safari guidebook to taking awesome Instagram pics. (And a daily actionable challenge with secrets on making your pics more amazing.)

Day 5 - Some people get writer’s block, while others get photo block. In this lesson, you will be shown what kind of things will make for intriguing and eye catching photos for your Instagram. You will be given a daily actionable that will provide you with unique photos.

Day 6 - @ # @ # Instagram is funner (Yes, I just used the word funner on purpose) with friends. A lesson and daily actionable will help you find more friends through hashtags and (at) signs. This lesson and challenge will continue to help grow your Instagram following throughout time.

Day 7 - Today you will be introduced to my favorite (free and not free) photo apps, which will help your photos become even more amazing than they already are, which will make them shareable and more likely to be seen. You’re daily actionable challenge will encourage you to tie together everything you’ve learned in the first 7 days. 

Day 8 - This lesson will show you where to get inspiration. The daily actionable will give you a dozen or so Instagram challenges that span out from a day long, week long, to a month long.

Day 9 - Instagram Video? Today you will learn the perks to Instagram’s video option. People love hearing your voice and watching you speak about what you love. It helps them get to know you better in a way that Instagram photos don’t. (Today’s daily actionable will walk you through making the perfect video intro and also some information on making great Instagram videos.)

Day 10 - What to talk about? Just as a person will run out of ideas on what to photograph, sometimes you’ll run out of ideas to show or talk about on your videos. In this lesson you will learn about exciting talking points that will get you and your Instagram following excited. (The daily actionable will be filled with Instagram video challenges.)

Day 11 - Instagram video apps. The lesson & daily actionable will cover different apps that can be used for video editing along with some good tips that will make your Instagram videos sparkle and shine.

© Devin Berglund, Dancing Poet Creative Media


Day 12 - The lesson today will show you how to blast off with Twitter. The daily actionable will walk you through making your Twitter page irresistible to your platform.

Day 13 - Friend finding challenge. 

Day 14 - Tweets with photos are more successful than plain print Tweets.  (Challenge)

Day 15 - A lesson in #, @, Lists, Twitter chats, and an awesome daily actionable.

Day 16 - A lesson and actionable on what you can do on Twitter that will make you more popular. 

Facebook Page: (not your personal page)

Day 17 - A lesson and daily actionable on why you need a stunning Facebook page.

Day 18 - Lesson and actionable on what you should share?

Day 19 - A lesson and actionable on different ways of finding friends and followers.

Day 20 - A lesson and actionable on the extra fun things that get you more followers.

Day 21 - Get a group of supporters lesson and actionable. 


Day 22 - Pinterest-ing lesson and actionable challenge on making sure your pins are seen.

Day 23 - A discussion and challenge on Private and None Private boards.

Day 24 - A lesson and challenge in making your images Pinterest-worthy. 

Day 25 - A lesson in learning from others and a fun actionable.

Important Things To Know About Social Media:

Day 26 - A lesson in connection between all the social media platforms and your blog, PLUS an exciting actionable that will draw people from your social media platforms to your blog. 

Day 27 - A lesson and actionable in keeping a unified look across all your social media networks.

Day 28 - The importance of your voice and etiquette.

Day 29 - A lesson in planning consistent quality content and a rewarding actionable that you will use.

Day 30 - A final challenge that will continue challenging each of your social networks to grow.

I am so thankful that I took action and did each of these challenges, because they greatly changed my social media platform strategy. I hope you also find this 30-Day Social Media Blast Class helpful.

Don’t forget to subscribe to get this course. It will help you grow your social media following day by day. 

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Be sure to add dancingpoetcreates(at)outlook(dot)com as a contact so you get your lessons sent to your email inbox. The 30-Day Social Media Blast Class will be launched on February 1st. So, you will be the first to know about it and have it sent to your email.

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